Heat Transfer Fluid
Heat Transfer Fluid
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Heat Transfer Fluid

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Product Description:

Mr McKenic® - Heat Transfer Fluid, is formulated with a combination of inhibited propylene glycol and superior corrosion protection package. Suitable for use in heating or cooling fluid processes where operating temperatures range from -45 to 150℃, in undiluted concentrations. Refer to the table below for the typical freezing and boiling points of Mr McKenic®

Heat Transfer Fluid: Mr McKenic® - Heat Transfer Fluid can be used as a water-based corrosion preventive additive for the protection of metal in industrial watera. It is highly soluble in water and has the ability to protect at extremely low concentration level.

Available Sizes: 25L Pail, 210L Drum

Product features

  • Superior Corrosion Preventive Package
  • Pre-Mix Solutions
  • Non-Toxic
  • High Temperature Range
  • Proven Performance

Application for use:

Mr McKenic® - Heat Transfer Fluid is widely used in refrigeration systems, HVAC/R, line heaters, plastic extrusions, cooling or heating processes, line production Areas etc. Formulated to protect metals from corrosion, Mr McKenic® - Heat Transfer Fluid can be diluted with water used during hydrostatic testing.

Direction for use:

For heat transfer applications: 

1. Ensure that the system is cleaned before application

2. Depending on the capacity required, pour an appropriate amount of Mr McKenic® - Heat Transfer Fluid directly into the system. 

3. For optimal performace, Mr McKenic® - Heat Transfer Fluid can be added directly without further dilution. 

For hydrostatic test applications:

1. Ensure that the pipeline is cleaned of debris before test. 

2. Determine the amount of water required to fill up the pipeline section completely. 

3. Add at least 0.5% of MM3219 to the water to be used in the hydrotest as a corrosion preventive measure. 

4. Check that an optimum pH value of 8-10 is achieved. Add more MM3219 if necessary. 

5. The hydrotest solution can be reused a few times as long as the solution remains clear and the pH is still at 8-10. 

6. Dispose the solution after 1 week or when the solution turns cloudy or too dirty. 

Suitable Industries: 

General Industry, Marine Offshore, Transport & Aviation, Military, Oil & Gas