Anti-Seize Compound

Anti-Seize Compound

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Mr McKenic® - Anti-Seize Compound is premium-grade heavy-duty lubricating spray that effectively reduces friction and prevents seizure,
as well as corrosion between metal surfaces that are in contact.

It contains a unique combination of solid lubricating agents providing  excellent lubricity and protection in extreme temperature conditions.
Applying on threaded joints eases assembly and prevents galling or seizure during disassembly.

Available Size: 445gm Aerosol

Product features

  • Prevents Galling, Seizing and Fretting
  • Withstand High Temperatures up to 900ºC
  • Seals out Moisture
  • Reduces Friction
  • Reduces Thread Breakage
  • Saves Time and Labour Cost
  • Easy Application

    Application for use:

    Mr McKenic® - Anti-Seize Compound is highly resistant to water and corrosive chemicals, making it an ideal choice as a lubricant for  applications exposed to high-humidity and high-temperature conditions.

    Common areas of applications inculde bolts & nuts, bushings, couplings, fittings, flanges, hinges, pivots, threaded surfaces, drive chains, cylinder heads, well pumps and so on.


    Direction for use:

    1. Shake can well before use.
    2. Remove all existing oil or grease if any.
    3. Spray a thin film of Mr McKenic® - Anti-Seize Compound evenly onto threaded connections by holding the can 20-25cm away from surface.
    4. After application, clear nozzle by inverting can and spray till the dispensed propellant is clear.
    5. Use short bursts instead of a long continuous spray. Repeat application if necessary.

    Product Code: ME1202B