Aluminium Clean Brite

Aluminium Clean Brite

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Product Description: 

Mr McKenic® - Aluminium Clean Brite™ is formulated to clean and brighten aluminium by removing dirt, grime and oxidation stains. Its fast-action formula cleans dull-looking aluminium effectively without much  agitation and restores the shine.

Note: For surfaces with oil and grease, it is recommended to degrease with Mr McKenic® - Biodegradable Degreaser before treating the stubborn stains.

Available sizes: 25L, 210L  (Contact us for Bulk rates)


Product Features: 

  • Fast Action on Contaminants
  • Restores Dull-looking Aluminum
  • Dilutes Up to 6 Parts of Water
  • Minimum Agitation Required
  • Extends Lifespan of Equipment


Areas of applications: 

Mr McKenic® - Aluminium Clean Brite™ is widely used for a range of applications like intercoolers, air cooling coils, valve covers, aluminium restoration, automotive parts, reefer containers, iso-tanks and many more.


Direction for use: 

  1. Mr McKenic® - Aluminium Clean Brite™ can be applied by means of spraying, wiping, soaking or mopping.
  2. Dilute Mr McKenic® - Aluminium Clean Brite™ with water.  
    1.  For heavy soils, no dilution
    2. For medium soils, 1:3 parts of water
    3. For routine cleaning, dilute up to 6 parts of water
  3. Apply the mixture directly onto target surfaces.
  4. Leave it for 5 to 20 minutes for product to work.
  5. Rinse off thoroughly with water.
  6. Repeat process if necessary.
  7. For surfaces that require protection, apply Mr Mckenic® PC8012-ProGuard™ to leave a layer of dry, clear, water-resistant inert coating.


Product Code: AC1925