Alkaline Coil Cleaner

Alkaline Coil Cleaner

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Product Features:

  • Increases Efficiency of Air-Con Units
  • Reduces Energy Units
  • Dilutes Up to 7 Parts of Water
  • No Agitation Required
  • No More Downtimes
  • Safe on most Metals and Plastic
  • Contains No Harsh Chemicals
  • Extends Lifespan of Equipments

Product Description:

Mr McKenic® - Alkaline Coil Cleaner is an essential component in the successful cleaning and maintenance of cooling coils. Mr McKenic® - Alkaline Coil Cleaner is easy to apply and highly effective in breaking up grimes, dirt, airborne impurities, leaving coils dirt-free and shining. This product is strongly recommended for use in all routine air-con cleaning to increase efficiency and to reduce electrical cost.

Available sizes: 25L Pail, 210L Drum

Areas of Application:

Mr McKenic® - Alkaline Coil Cleaner is widely used on coils found on air-conditioner units, air handling units, cooling tower fins, radiator fins etc. It is also applicable to air-conditioner coils found in buses, trains, refrigerated containers, ship vessels and other mobile cooling systems. For control and elimination of air-borne bacteria, germs, mould and fungus, refer to GK-GermKiller® - GK Air™. For removal of scale deposits from coils and fins, refer to Mr McKenic® - Acidic Coil Cleaner.

Directions for use:

  1. Dilute Mr McKenic®-Alkaline Coil Cleaner with water. For heavy soiled coils, no dilution is required. For medium soiled coils, dilute with 1- 3 parts of water. For light soiled coils, dilute with 1-6 parts of water.
  1. If the coil is well maintained, dilution can be up to 12 parts of water for routine cleaning.
  2. Switch off unit before applying.
  3. Cool the condenser/evaporator coil fins with water.
  4. Using a poly-sprayer, spray the mixture from the top of the condenser coil to the bottom.
  5. Allow 10 minutes to work.
  6. For thick stubborn dirt, leave Mr McKenic®-Alkaline Coil Cleaner for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Rinse with plenty of water.
  8. Repeat process when necessary.

Suitable Industries:

General Industry, Marine Offshore, Transport & Aviation, Military, Oil & Gas, Facility Maintenance