Wire Rope Lubricant

Wire Rope Lubricant

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Mr McKenic® - Wire Rope Lubricant is a non-kerosene based penetrating lubricant that helps to protect and lubricate wireropes. It penetrates into the internal core of the wire rope to protect the interior from corrosion. 

Unlike conventional wirerope grease which acts only externally, using a penetrating lubricant helps to lubricate and reduce heat generated inside wireropes when under load. By retarding the process of wear and tear, the lifespan of wire rope is extended.

Available Size: 437gm Aerosol


Product features:

  • High penetration power
  • Provides protective coating
  • Excellent high pressure resistant
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Lubricates and reduces surface tension
  • Reduces Friction
  • Reduces Trapped Heat
  • Extends Life Span of Wire Rope


Areas of applications:

Mr Mckenic® - Wire Rope Lubricant is widely used in derricks, cable-car stations, suspension bridges, anchor cables, guys, pulleys, lifts or hoists, winches, telecommunication cables, etc.


Direction for use:

For Aerosol Can

  1. Ensure that the wirerope is clean and free from any surface contaminant to allow better penetration. For surface preparation, Mr McKenic® - Mould & Metal Cleaner is recommended.
  2. Shake can well before use.
  3. Spray Mr McKenic® - Wirerope Lubricant by holding can 20-25cm away from wirerope.
  4. Allow it to penetrate, re-spray to apply second coat for best results.



Product Code: LU1810