Zinc Galvanising Compound


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Zinc Galvanising Compound

Product description:

Product Code: PC8017

Mr McKenic® –Zinc Galvanising Compound is formulated with 95% pure zinc to protect metal against corrosive and moisture attacks.

For aesthetic purposes, surfaces can be painted over.

Available Sizes: 400ml


Product features
  • Convenient and Economical Alternative to Hot Zinc Dipping
  • Protects Against Corrosion, Rust, Water & Sea-Water
  • Effective and Long Lasting Protection
  • Can Be Welded
  • No Danger of Fire
  • Easy Application
  • Self-Repair when Surface is Scratched
  • Seal Out Air & Moisture
  • Meets or Exceeds the Following Specifications
  • MIL-P-21035 Galvanize Repair
  • MIL-P-46105 Weld through Primer
  • MIL-P-26915A For Steel
  • MIL-P-20433 For Towers
Application for use:

Mr McKenic® – Zinc Galvanising Compound is widely used in shipyards, marines, military, manufacturing plants, automotive repair workshops, welding shops, metal finishing shops, hotels, hospitals, etc


Direction for use:
  1. Eliminate all loose rust. Apply Mr McKenic® -Magic Rust Converter to convert existing rust.
  2. Ensure that surface is cleaned and oil-free before application.
  3. Shake Can well before use.
  4. Apply Mr McKenic® -Zinc Galvanising Compound by spraying evenly or brushing on surfaces to be coated.
  5. Leave it for at least 8 hours to cure thoroughly.
  6. For maximum protection, apply 2 layers of coats.
  7. If re-painting is required, apply 1 coat and paint over.

After use, invert can, spray to clear nozzle.


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