Waterless Hand Cleanser


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Waterless Hand Cleanser

Product description:

Product Code: SC3801
Mr McKenic® – Waterless Hand Cleanser is a unique formulation that uses safe and refined ingredients that will not attack skin as they emulsify and break up grease, oil and grime effectively. It also contains lanolin and other protective components that helps protect, moisturizes and repair our hands.

Available Sizes: 20lit Pail

Comes in individually-wrapped wipes as well

Product features
  • Effective With Or Without Water
  • Will Not Cause Dryness Or Dermatitis
  • Gentle To Sensitive Skin
  • Contains No Harsh Chemicals
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Non-Corrosive


Application for use:

Widely used in depots, schools, workshops, automotive, aviation, and marine industries, hotels, etc.


Direction for use:
  1. Apply sufficient amount of SC3801 onto the palm of the hand
  2. Rub hands to liquefy and break up grease, oil etc
  3. Wipe hands with a clean towel
  4. Repeat application if required


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