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Engine Coolant

Product description:

Product Code: AM3313
Mr McKenic®- Engine Coolant is formulated to raise the boiling point of water within the radiator and prevent overheating, thus maximizing the efficiency of the engine.

Mr McKenic®propylene glycol-based engine coolant contains a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors that stop pitting, scale and rust formation on the metal surfaces. This in turn prevents engine leaking and extends the lifespan of the cooling system.

Available Sizes: 5L Bottle, 25L Pail, 210L Drum

Product features
  • Warms Up Engine More Quickly
  • Increases Cooling Efficiency
  • Contains Corrosion & Rust Inhibitors
  • Contains Additives to Protect the Metal Components
  • Contains No Harsh Chemicals
  • Saves Breakdown Costs
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs


Application for use:

Mr McKenic®- Engine Coolant is widely used in automobiles, trucks, vessels, aviations, compressors, motors, engine radiators, generators, etc.


Direction for use:


For Coolant Change

  1. Drain off existing old coolant from the radiator.
  2. Ensure that the Radiator System is cleaned before adding new coolant. For best results, use Mr McKenic® -Radiator Cleaner to flush the system first, before adding the coolant.
  3. Depending on the capacity of the Radiator System, pour an appropriate amount of Mr McKenic® -Engine Coolant directly into the Radiator.
  4. Mr McKenic® -Engine Coolant may be diluted up to 1-3 parts of water for protection.


For Coolant Top-Up

  1. Open the radiator cap when engine is cool.
  2. Pour Mr McKenic -Engine Coolant directly into the Radiator. It is recommended not to mix coolants of different brands as coolant compositions may not be compatible.

Never remove coolant recovery or radiator cap while the engine is hot or running. Serious injury may result


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