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Cement & Lime Renovator / Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Product description:

Product Code: CR3880
Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster is formulated for a wide range of Stain Removal Applications

Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster is non-fuming, does not give a pungent odour. It is a much safer alternative for end-users, as compared to other common industrial grade stain removers.

Available Sizes:

Product features
  • Easy Application
  • Non-Flammable
  • Fast Reaction
  • Can Be Used on Wide Range of Cleaning Applications
  • Removes Cements, Stains, Rusts, Scales, Algae etc
  • No Scrapping & Chipping Required
  • Reduces Extensive Labour And Time


Application for use:
  1. Algae Stain
    Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster can be used to remove Algae stains found in most moist areas, eg toilets, garden tiles, water fountains, water tanks, etc.
  2. Cement & Lime Stain
    Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster is able to effectively remove cement film deposits and lime scales from the surfaces of Aluminum panels, Glass, Tiles, etc. This is commonly used for final cleaning after renovations or constructions.

  3. Copper Oxide Deposit
    Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster is commonly used to remove oxide deposits from Copper surfaces which are commonly found in building materials, automotive parts, household products, tubes, pipes & fittings, energy & gas transport, welding & thermal processing equipment
  4. Rust Stain
    Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster can be used to remove rust stains found most Metals or Floor surfaces. Soaking or Agitation may be required. After rust removal, it is recommended to apply a layer of protection with Mr McKenic®- Pro-Guard to prevent rust from re-occurring.
  5. Toilet Bowl Stain
    Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster can be used to remove stubborn stains from toilet bowls & urinals, especially in the industrial worksites. It can be poured directly into the urinals to prevent chokage.


Direction for use:
  1. Mr McKenic® – Stain-Buster may be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping.
  2. Allow it to soak for several minutes.
  3. Agitate if necessary.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Repeat application if necessary.
  6. It can be diluted up to 6 parts of water.

Contact time with the surface must not be more than 5-8 minutes unless specified by Technical Specialists. Repeat application if necessary.


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