Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self -Rinsing)


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Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self -Rinsing)

Product description:

Product Code: AC1926
Conventional methods of cleaning the air conditioner units are generally complicated & tedious and engaging professional services are often costly. The Do-It-Yourself concept from Mr McKenic®- Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) offers a simpler and more cost-effective alternative for your regular maintenance routines.

Mr McKenic®- Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) contains an unique and tested formula that clears dust and eliminated harmful micro-organisms trapped in air-conditioners, without the need for rinsing with water after application of the product.

Formulated with a high penetrating ability that reaches into the inaccessible finned areas, Mr McKenic®- Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) clears dust and dirt trapped within. This improves cooling efficiency and saves on electricity bills. Most importantly, its anti-bacterial property improves air quality and promotes cleaner air.

Available Sizes: 374gm Aerosol, 5L, 25L

Product features
  • Cleans Built-Up Dust & Dirt Effectively.
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Improves Performance of Air-Conditioner Units.
  • Saves on Electricity Bills.
  • Contains No Harsh Chemicals
  • Simple Application With No Rinsing Required
  • *Safe on Air-Con Fins and Coils

* Tested and Certified by Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB)


Application for use::

Mr McKenic® – Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) is safe for
use on all brands of air-conditioners. It is used on split-unit
air-conditioners, window units with drainage outlets and even
refrigerator coils.


Direction for use:

For Aerosol Packing

  1. Switch off air-conditioner unit and open windows for ventilations. Open casing to remove dirty filters for washing. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove thick layer of dust on coil fins.
  2. Shake Product Can well before use. Position Can approximately 10cm away from the coil fins.
  3. Spray Mr McKenic® – Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) to create foam in an S-motion from top to bottom. Do not cover more than 1/3 of coil surfaces.
  4. Allow 15-20 minutes for the foam to penetrate inwards.
  5. Replace clean filters and casings and switch on the air- conditioner for about 45-60 minutes to start the cleaning process.
  6. For best results, set air-conditioner to about 24°C and put on to high fan mode during cleaning. Apply at least once a month.

Note: To further improve indoor air quality, spray Mr McKenic® – The Germ Killer on to the filters and fins to kill germs. To clear chokage caused by thick dirt and dusts in pipes, use Mr McKenic® – Choke Clear.

Watch video on how to apply:


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