TLC Grease

Product description:
Poduct Code:GG3016 Mr McKenic® – TLC Grease is a high-temperature multipurpose grease that is formulated with lithium complex, high quality mineral oils, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and other performance enhancing additives. It is specially developed to extend the performance life for marine, automotive and industrial applications, especially under severe operation conditions. Available Sizes: 18kg
Product features
  • High Drop Point
  • Strong Adhesion to Surfaces
  • Excellent Protection against Corrosion
  • Reduces Bearing & Equipment Wear and Tear
  • Long Term Stability
  • Able to Withstand High Load Operation
  • Resists Water Wash-Out
  • Contains Corrosion Inhibitors: Alkenyl Amine, Substituted Triazole
Application for use:
Mr McKenic® – TLC Grease is suitable for applications in severe operating conditions. Areas that can be applied on include: roller bearings, chassis, wheel bearings, chains, pulleys, shafts and other vehicles or machinery parts.
Direction for use:
  1. Remove all existing greases before use.
  2. For easy removal of existing greases, Mr McKenic®- Motor Cleaner(3) is recommended.
  3. Depending on applications, use specified amount of Mr McKenic®- TLC Grease to lubricate the systems.
  4. If the operating temperature is 180 °C, lubricates with Mr McKenic® – TLC Grease daily.
  5. For operating temperatures greater than 180 °C, re-lubricates with Mr McKenic®- TLC Grease after every 6 – 8 hours to assure optimal performance.