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Mr McKenic® enjoys a strong following in the Oil & Gas industry with its strong product portfolio that covers the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream operations in the Oil & Gas industry. Our range of biodegradable degreasers is designed to deal with each specific need, condition and soil. We recognize that the products we produce are to be used in the marine environment and we are very careful to ensure safety not only to the environment but also to the persons using them. Our degreaser range covers the whole spectrum from solvent-based to water-based, caustic to non-caustic, and even hybrid formulations for the situations where the best of both worlds are needed.

Our effective penetrants, lubricants and cleaners will help to keep operations running and improve uptime for machinery and equipment. Our products are used and trusted by the largest names in the oil & gas industry for years – serving to reinforce the quality and efficacy

Many safety conscious companies in the Oil & Gas industries have adopted the use of the Mr McKenic® 9-in-1 Technology Oil as their standard general lubricant for its unique non-flammable feature that combines degreasing, penetrating, lubricating and corrosion-inhibiting capabilities.