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The all-time favorite children song “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” exemplifies the core performance ethic of Mr McKenic’s ® range of chemical solutions for the Transport sector. Mr McKenic® solutions are used by the major transport operators in Singapore in multi-modal transport operations ranging from rail to taxi to buses. Our chemicals help to keep heavy vehicles rolling smoothly by making sure they are well-cleaned, well-lubricated and well-aintained. This helps to support lower operating costs that could result from higher levels of wear, tear and corrosion.

Our range of chemicals in the Transport sector also includes our acclaimed aircraft air-disinfectant that is used by the leading airlines. Our aircraft air-disinfectant not only helps to freshen the air within an aircraft, it also contains an effective disinfectant that has been proven to eliminate air-borne and surface-borne bacteria. Our aircraft air-disinfectant bears certifications from Boeing and Airbus.