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Our healthcare products are marketed and sold under the GK-GermKiller® sub-brand and are trusted by childcare centres, schools, clinics, hospitals, food manufacturers and other hygiene-sensitive and hygiene-conscious establishments.

Our flagship product, GK-GermKiller® Surface™ – a water-based disinfectant – has been demonstrated to be effective against human coronavirus (the simulant of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS], Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome [MERS] and other related respiratory illnesses such as the common cold and pneumonia), flu virus (H1N1 influenza A), the coxsackie virus (that causes HFMD), MRSA and a broad-base of other harmful germs. Yet, it can be used routinely without adverse effects to people, animals, surface materials or the environment.

Germs can survive up to several hours outside the body and touching an object that has become contaminated when coughed on, sneezed on, or touched by a patient may spread infection. Such surfaces can include doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, tables and chairs (especially in common areas such as foodcourts and offices), push button panels in elevators, airline tray tables,arm rests, and various restroom fixtures. Frequent hand-washing and disinfecting of surfaces that are frequently touched are essential to avoiding the spread of germs.

GK-GermKiller® is the proud exclusive partner to KidsSTOP ( at the Science Centre in the supply of sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to this unique and highly popular attraction for children of all ages.

As such, Protect your Personal Space, use GK-GermKiller®. For more information, please refer to