• Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil
    Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is a multi-functional product with a wide variety of applications with its lubricating, corrosion-inhibiting, penetrating and cleaning properties.
  • GK-GermKiller® – In The Office
    GK-GermKiller® - In The Office. See how GK-GermKiller products help protect your personal space in the Office!
  • GK-GermKiller® – In The Home
    GK-GermKiller® - In The Home. Your home is your sanctuary. See how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful germs with GK-GermKiller® products.
  • GK-GermKiller® – Out and About
    GK-GermKiller® - Out and About. Harmful germs are lurking everywhere. Use GK-GermKiller® to help protect your personal space when you are out and about. Avoid that nasty cold or flu bug.
  • Mr McKenic® – CR3882 Stainoff
    Mr McKenic® – Stainoff is a heavy duty formulated renovator with deep penetration power to effectively lift and remove rust, scale deposits, stubborn stains, cement and lime deposits often found on stone and granite after construction.
  • Mr McKenic® – PC8019 Magic Rust Converter
    Mr McKenic® –Magic Rust Converter is a supreme product that converts rust (new and old) into a protective black polymeric coating that adheres firmly to metal surfaces, preventing further corrosion.
  • Mr McKenic® – AC1926 Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self -Rinsing)
    Conventional methods of cleaning the air conditioner units are generally complicated & tedious and professional services are often costly. Mr McKenic®- Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) offers a simpler DIY and more cost-effective alternative for your regular maintenance.
  • Mr McKenic® – SC3802 McKleen Scrub
    Mr McKenic® MCKLEEN SCRUB contains natural refined exfoliants that provides a deep scrubbing action which effectively removes extremely stubborn stains while being gentle on hands. Ideal for deep embedded dirt stuck between the fine hand lines.
  • Mr McKenic® – DR8210 Biodegradable Degreaser
    Mr McKenic® offers a comprehensive range of biodegradable aqueous degreasers tailored for a variety of applications – from heavy duty to light duty use. Each of the degreaser is specially formulated to effectively lift and remove oil, grease, grime, dirt and other stubborn stains from machinery, met
  • Mr McKenic® MM3333 Plant-based Oil Spill Dispersant
    Mr McKenic®- Plant-Based Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) is non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based mixture that effectively disperses oil spilled in sea or fresh water, shoreline, and other areas exposed to environment.
  • Mr McKenic® 9-in-1 Technology Oil Timken Challenge
    This video scientifically and definitively demonstrates the superiority of Mr McKenic® 9-in-1 Technology Oil's lubricating capabilities. Mr McKenic® 9-in-1 Technology Oil outperforms popular multipurpose lubricants. It's lubricating film withstands high loads to protect your precious equipment.